President:                   Mr D Rogers

Vice-President:           Mrs M Young

Chair:                          Mr R Crow

Vice-Chair:                  Mrs A Coe

Secretary:                   Mrs J Jackson

Treasurer:                   Mr  D Hubbuck

Safety Officer:             Mr D Hubbuck

Press Officer:              Mrs A Steele

Social Secretary:         Mrs A Steele



All the Stewards together with   Adrian Jackson, John Scott,  Ellis Rawson,  Liam Harrison.



Steam:                              Mr P Moody & Mr S McGeorge

Commercials:                   Mr R Henderson

Cars:                                 Mr A Steele

Motorcycles & Cycles:      Mr C Youngman

Tractors:                           Mr I Coates & Mr A Guthrie

Stationary Engines:          Mr & Mrs S Coe

Arena:                               Mr D Nixon

Trade & Collections:         Mrs J Jackson

Craft:                                 Mrs J Jackson

Working Area:                   Mr B Arthur

Gate:                                 Mr & Mrs D Rogers

Caravans:                         Mr P Pearson

 Parking                             Blaydon and District Scouts


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